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Lapa Rios


Situated on the Osa Peninsula, Lapa Rios is an enchanting eco-resort. Owned by John and Karen Lewis, this lodge is the perfect combination of comfort and adventure, education and fun. If you are seeking a place for enjoying a family getaway, you can choose this lodge. Nature lovers who want to enjoy a memorable vacation in a beautiful natural setting, they will also find this lodge perfect. During your vacation at this lodge, you will also get opportunity to be a part of conservation and local culture. You will also enjoy discovering one of the world’s most bio-diverse regions that has untouched rainforest, wildlife, insects and desolate beaches. Newly married couple who want to enjoy a memorable and comfortable honeymoon vacation and the families with kids over 6 years will find this lodge perfect. Continue reading Lapa Rios

Selva Bananito Lodge and Preserve


The Selva Bananito Lodge and Preserve is considered as one of the extraordinary example for eco-tourism. This lodge is set in a pristine region of Costa Rica’s Caribbean area.  This lodge is 20 km south and 15 km inland of Puerto Limón on the Atlantic side of the country. In Costa Rica this is the only property constructed out of recycled waste wood (that was the byproduct of logging activity). Nestled in the Talamanca Mountains, this lodge is also striving to utilize as many renewable energy sources as possible from the onset. Continue reading Selva Bananito Lodge and Preserve

Flamingo Beach Resort


Nestled on the Playa Flamingo, on the northwest Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, north of Tamarindo, the Flamingo Beach Resort is  41 km from the Liberia Airport. Playa Flamingo is one of the most eco-friendly beaches of the country and it offers an enchanting escape on the pristine sands.  This resort is surrounded by tall coconut palms and lush mountain foliage, and it is an intimate oasis for the people who  want to enjoy tranquility as well as an unspoiled tropical paradise with complete relaxation. For celebrating special family celebrations or romantic getaway, this beach resort is absolutely perfect. While staying at this resort, the guests can enjoy personalized service and comfort. This resort let the guests to find plenty more to do than lounge by the pool with a mojito. This resort offers friendly and welcoming services as well as modern amenities and also arranges sustainable tourism practices to take care of the unique location. Continue reading Flamingo Beach Resort

Discovery Beach House


Discovery Beach House is perfect for those who are seeking a place to enjoy a wonderful vacation close to the nature and want to enjoy beach activities. This beach house is located at the edge of Manuel Antonio National Park on the Central Pacific Coast. The surrounding area of this beach house has the country’s most impressive natural settings, different species of wildlife and wonderful waterfalls. From this beach house within one-minute walk you can reach the white sand beach and there you can enjoy a variety of beach activities in the pristine tropical water. Continue reading Discovery Beach House

SJO Maps

San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, is situated on a plateau in the beautiful Central Valley. The highlands are surrounded by a stunning range of mountains, volcanoes and scenic valleys. The city of San Jose is home to a good number of attractive places, sightseeing spots and platforms for fun activities. Continue reading SJO Maps

Cocos Island

During a volcanic upheaval about two and a half million years ago, Cocos Island was formed. This marvelous island is positioned 300 miles (480 km) to the southwest of the Osa Peninsula. This island is the ideal location for exploring the beauty of the ocean below.

Cocos Island is a rugged yet incredibly verdant island which is a part of the same chain of volcanoes, most of which are still underwater for example the Galapagos. A single hot-spot pushed up volcanic material from deep below the Earth’s crust by which the total chain of volcanoes formed. In 1526 Juan Cabezas discovered this island and later the home to unruly prisoners also find out the island in the late 19th century. Continue reading Cocos Island

Medical Tourism

This is a form of tourism that involves people travelling out of their own country to seek better medical care. In the past days, people from the third world countries would travel to the developed nations to seek treatment that was unavailable in their own countries. Mostly they would go seeking surgery, and other complex and complicated health care that was unavailable in their own countries. Nowadays, even people from the developed countries are increasingly practicing medical tourism. Now even about  750,000 US residents travel abroad for care each year. It is also called health tourism, global or medical travel. This is a term mostly used by travel agencies and most of the mass media though it has rapidly grown to be known by a lot of people. It can also be used to refer to the practice of the health practitioners moving out of their own country to provide healthcare to another country. Continue reading Medical Tourism

Arenal La Fortuna Area

It was in the morning of July 29th, 1968 when the Arenal volcano violently erupted and spewed rocks, ashes, and gas for three days. La Fortuna was born as the result of this happening. It is situated 26 kilometers (16 miles) from Ciudad Quesada and 120 kilometres (75 miles) from San Jose. It is an attractive and bustling town that is at the base of the Arenal Volcano. It has a number of good quality restaurants, bars, bank, gift shops pharmacies, and many more for your needs. Continue reading Arenal La Fortuna Area