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San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, is situated on a plateau in the beautiful Central Valley. The highlands are surrounded by a stunning range of mountains, volcanoes and scenic valleys. The city of San Jose is home to a good number of attractive places, sightseeing spots and platforms for fun activities.

Travelers can enjoy plethora of exciting ventures here and visit SJO Maps 2impressive parks, quaint museums, zoos and butterfly farms and so much more. On your very first trip, you will notice the lack of street signs in the town. First time visitors have a difficult time exploring the town and they readily get lost. For this very reason, SJO Maps have designed a set of amazing maps. Loaded with numerous landmarks, references, main attractions and points of interest, SJO Maps are your perfect tour guide.

SJO Maps

Brief descriptions of the maps available are listed below:

San Jose Casinos

San Jose Casinos is an awesome 8.5 x 11 PDF map that will lead you to the best casinos in the city. Along with casinos, the map gives direction to ATM machine so that you never run out of money.

San Jose Walking Tour

Travelers who want to take things slow and wish to start off their adventure with a lazy stroll will find San Jose Walking Tour perfect. The map points out to all the must-see locations and allow vacationers to visit them on foot.

San Jose Transportation

Most people travel through buses in San Jose. San Jose Transportation lists each and every bus stop in the city as well as information on taxis and private transportation.

SJO Maps 3San Jose Central

Find your way around downtown San Jose with this map. It has street names, traffic direction, popular attractions such as parks, churches, museums, hotels, ATM’s and much more.

San Jose East

San Jose East shows all the points of interest from Parque Nacional to Mall San Pedro. .

San Jose West

The handy map features areas from Mercado Central to Parque Sabana.

Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio National Park is a breathtakingly beautiful nature reserve and is one of the top most tourist destinations of Costa Rica. Manuel Antonio and its neighboring town, Quepos, are approximately four hours away from San Jose. With the help of this map, you can find accommodations, restaurants, bars and internet cafes in Manuel Antonio and Quepos.
SJO Maps are convenient, well designed, easily available and quite affordable. They have a small size with a dimension of 8.5 x 11 which allows travelers to put them in their pockets and carry them around wherever they want. To purchase the maps, visit SJO Maps’ website, click on the maps you want and pay online through PayPal. Once the payment is made, you will get a download link to retrieve the maps in PDF or ZIP files. For queries and information, you can email SJO Maps at

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