Arenal La Fortuna Area

It was in the morning of July 29th, 1968 when the Arenal volcano violently erupted and spewed rocks, ashes, and gas for three days. La Fortuna was born as the result of this happening. It is situated 26 kilometers (16 miles) from Ciudad Quesada and 120 kilometres (75 miles) from San Jose. It is an attractive and bustling town that is at the base of the Arenal Volcano. It has a number of good quality restaurants, bars, bank, gift shops pharmacies, and many more for your needs.

Arenal-La-Fortuna-AreaThe area has a range of activities such as; horseback riding whereby on your way up you will have to stop to view the eye catching beautiful lagoon where you will see the horses refreshing themselves. If you need a tour there is for you, it is an adventurous 3 hour horseback ride. The ride ascends a mountain as it traverses both the cattle fields and rainforest. There is also whitewater rafting where there are three main rivers like: Toro River, where only the most experienced rafters take the challenge because it is a “Bull River” with technical rapids and large sweeping waves. Penas Blanca’s river, is the ideal place for all the ages and here be on a watch out of the monkeys, iguanas, caimans, crocodile, sloths and different type of species of birds. The river is slow moving and pleasant.The Balsa River is also suitable for all the ages, rafting trips down the river is adventures and it will take 2 hours to pass through scenic forest landscape so each of the rivers caters for different style of rafting. Waterfall rappelling, the tour is child friendly and anyone in moderate condition, local non-profit association administers the fall. Hiking is the most explore moments you will come across many animals’ monkeys, white-faced monkeys and snakes, or birds like parrots, brown magpies and orioles, plants including various species of palms and bromeliads, guayabo de Monte, bait, ceiba, cerri, laurel, higuerones, fungi, orchids, and ferns. Canopy tours it offers tourists a chance to experience the rainforest. It rangers from 40 and 1,400 Ft. in length, strong sturdy steel cables connect the platforms and trees. Travelers will be able to enjoy perfect views of the Arenal Volcano and the surrounding area such as the rainforest, pastures, hillsides and streams. This can be enjoyed by anyone in moderate physical shape and over the age of 8 and the tour generally last between 2-3 hours and the best thing it’s always covered with full insurance. Cave explorations this is 2,700 meters stretch of limestone of caves formed some 15 to 20 million years, in the northern lowlands. You will come across limestone rock formations, monochrome frogs, bats, fish, spiders, crickets, and a variety of marine fossils. This cave offer a glimpse into a mystical underground world that is filled with subterranean, rivers, fossils and caverns.

Visitors will enjoy taking a rest at the hot springs. This is an adventure Centre if looking for an outdoor activities. Finally the hike winds through secondary and primary rainforest has the best view of a blue tinted river and waterfall.