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Birdwatching in Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers some of the best birding in the world. More than 812 species of birds have been recorded in the country and most places offer a fair sample of the avian diversity.  This was in a list published in 2007 by the scientific committee of the Ornithological Association of Costa Rica. Ornithological Association of Costa Rica (AOCR) has published an official checklist of the Birds of Costa Rica. The number in the list has been increased since then with nearly 840 species. The diversification of avian species has been greatly influenced by Costa Rica’s geological formation. Costa Rica has an amazing, large variety of birds. This makes birding an exciting and extraordinary experience. Some of the birds are permanent residents while others come for breeding. Costa Rica has a perfect climate and an environment that is full of flowers and fruits which are food to the many species of birds. Therefore this environment has continued to attract many species of birds into Costa Rica. Continue reading Birdwatching in Costa Rica