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Ostional – The Turtle Beach


Ostional is one of the most remarkable places in Costa Rica because every few weeks during turtle season, thousands of Olive Ridleys invade the beaches, laying their eggs by the gazillions.

Ostional---The-Turtle-BeachMeanwhile, the babies are hatching in even greater numbers, and dozens of tourists and nature guides are running around trying to keep the hatchlings from being run over and squashed by the egg-laden mommies.

Not far from the beautiful surf and yoga town of Nosara, Ostional is one of those places you probably saw on TV at some point in your life. Millions of kids around the world are traumatized by nature videos of these baby turtles breaking free from their eggs, struggling without air to the surface through the sand, then running a gauntlet of ravenous predators such as vultures, hawks, foxes, raccoons, and beach crabs. If they survive these terrors, they try to enter the sea, where huge waves push them back and even more hungry fish and such await with hungry jaws. We are told that only 1 in 100 baby turtles survives to adulthood. So to actually SEE this and BE HERE at Ostional is an emotionally powerful event that everyone should experience once. Of course if everyone DOES try to experience this at Ostional, there will be millions of people on the beach crushing every living thing, but my point is that seeing the running of the sea turtles at Ostional is a great experience that I recommend to those who love nature.