Orchids of Costa Rica

Orchids are plants with flowers that are complex in such a way that some are bizarrely shaped and others are typically showy. They have a frequent spur and a huge specialized lip that is scientifically known as a labellum. Orchids have an amazing beauty that make them popular. They are also the largest family of plants around the globe. They differ greatly with each other in terms of weight, size and color. They attach themselves to the tree backs, and are not parasitic. An orchid seed’s growth depends on a special fungus that is an essential part in its lifecycle.

orchidsCosta Rica has emerged to host many species of this orchids. It is home to approximately 1200 species of this astonishing plants. This is a lot more compared to the other Central American countries. There are a variety of orchids in CostaRica. This include wild orchids that grow naturally in the wild and are also known as the pan tropical species and endemic also called temperature. Most of the tropical orchids are epiphytes. They are extremely adaptable, growing in places where there is a perfect environment for them to flourish. These are areas where the wind blows mist and there is frequent rain. Endemic species are found only in specific habitants.

In Costa Rica, the options for seeing or even studying the orchids are vast. It can be in the wild nature that is in the tropical forests of Costa Rica, on the shorelines and on top if the highest mountains. They can also be viewed in the botanical gardens where a variety of species are on display. For example the monteverde orchid garden where there are more than 425 species. The regional shows are also another place where the orchids can be viewed. Costa Rica usually holds the national orchid exposition and other small regional shows that shows the different types of rare and exotic orchid species.

Orchid’s species in Costa Rica

  1. Spikey-shaped orchids. They are found all over and grow in large patches on trees.
  2. Torita orchids. Different species grow on the same tree and produce flowers that are white, purple or yellow.
  3. Epidendrum. This one lives on the largest Guanacaste trees.it blooms in February or March.
  4. Encylia stellate. They are common and have a small yellow-green flowers.
  5. The Guari Morada. They have diamond-like shimmers and pink-purple flowers. This is the national flower of CostaRica.
  6. Many more

Bees, flies, wasp and humming birds pollinate the orchid’s flowers. Therefore if any of this pollinators are eliminated then the same happens to the beautiful orchids.

Caring for orchids

  1. Provide adequate light. This will produce high quality bloms. Direct sunlight should always be avoided.
  2. Watering the plants. This is to be done in a moderate manner.
  3. Control insects and use fungicides and insecticides. This will prevent damages cause by funguses and bacteria.
  4. Use a dilute fertilizer every two weeks.

The astonishing orchids of Costa Rica are definitely a major attraction to many tourists who visit the place. Caring for them should be the responsibility of everyone. Either as a visitor to the country or as a resident of Costa Rica.