Laguna Lodge

Laguna Lodge, an eco-touristic lodge, is situated along Costa Rica’s northern Caribbean Zone. This lodge is nestled on fifteen acres of land full of trees and exotic plants and an open butterfly garden. Constructed on a narrow strip of land, 650 feet wide. In the entire Western half of the Caribbean, between Tortuguero´s main lagoon and the Caribbean Sea. Surrounding area of this lodge is full of lush jungle of primary forests and exotic plants and has wonderful lakes, rivers, and also wetlands. Since 1990, this eco-touristic lodge has been growing to become the leading hotel in the area as it is working hard for increasing the sustainable awareness. People who are interested in beach activities and also want to enjoy staying close to the nature, they will find this place a paradise as it has direct access to the beach. Another attraction of this region is that it is the most important nesting site for the green sea turtle.


LagunaIn Laguna Lodge you will find 100 rooms that are divided in blocks of 4 or 6 rooms. Spread in 6 acres of gardens, all the rooms are featured with the equipment the guests need for a comfortable stay and experience a memorable vacation. These rooms are constructed with simple design with natural touch. These wooden rooms are equipped with private bathroom including hot water, ceiling fan, and also reading lamps. You can enjoy the amazing garden view sitting on the wooden benches outside of the room.

There is a conference room ideally designed for arranging reception or meetings. This conference room is designed by the famous sculptures Leda Astorga.


The lodge restaurant serves three delicious buffet meals prepared by experienced chef. The decoration of the restaurant is done with rustic logs brought from the beach. While enjoying delicious food at the restaurant, you will also enjoy watching wonderful view of the surrounding area.


The main bar of the Laguna lodge is set at the river’s edge with a deck over the water. In this bar you can enjoy delicious drink and while sipping your favorite drink, you can also enjoy amazing river and sunset view. This bar is designed in such a way that the visitors can easily enjoy watching amazing river or garden view and the gentle movement of the fish underwater. There are another two small bars that offers drinks at the time of enjoying swimming in the pools amidst the rainforest.


Adventure lover can go for Tortuguero National Park Canal Tour and can enjoy exploring the rich biodiversity of flora and fauna of the area as well as watch a variety of species of wild animals of this park. There are about 400 species of birds that also make this place attractive for the bird watchers. This tour begins in the morning and lasts for two hours. People who want to explore the complexity and beauty of the flora of the Caribbean, they can visit the botanical garden of Laguna Lodge and watch a variety of plants. They can also know about the medicinal uses and commercial pharmaceutical products made from plants. in this botanical garden visitors can also enjoy thrilling experience with the trails.

People who want to know about the lifestyle of the locals, their customs, history of the area and its culture, want to visit the town school, he National Park facilities, churches, stores, the recycling plant and the community center that houses the Symphonic Band project, they can go to Tortuguero Town visit tour with the help of a guide. Nature awakening tour, Sea Turtle Nesting tour, or Fishing tour is also great options to choose from to enjoy at the time of staying at the Laguna Lodge.


Laguna Lodge 

Phone: +506 2272 4943