Copa De Arbol


Situated amongst 70 acres of pristine rainforest reserve along the South Pacific coastline of Costa Rica, Copa De Arbol is a luxurious beachfront eco-resort. If you are a nature lover and seeking a place for enjoying a memorable vacation in a natural setting as well as have interest in scuba diving and other activities, you will find this lodge perfect. Situated in one of the most remote and untouched places on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast, this can be reached only by using boat. Within close distance from the lodge, you will find several hiking trails that will let you enjoy thrilling experience. If you want to enjoy the diverse melody of the lush tropical rainforest and peaceful rhythm of the ocean as well as adventure activities, you can choose this lodge.


resortIn Copa de Arbol you will find luxurious eco-friendly accommodations that are set amongst the trees,  blends seamlessly into the natural backdrop.  From all the cabins you will enjoy watching amazing view of the ocean and wonderful rainforest views. Newly-wed couples can enjoy a romantic getaway in this beautiful setting. If you are planning for a family getaway, even then you can choose this place. This lodge is constructed with eco-friendly products such as cypress, teak, and melina. There are balconies with the cabinsas and also there are seating areas that are well furnished and perfect for enjoying tranquil time as well as watching the stunning beauty of the surrounding area. In each of the room you will get pillow-top orthopedic mattresses, air-conditioner, ceiling fans and tiled bathrooms with walk-in showers. You will find amazing beaches within 100 yards and from your room you can enjoy listening to the rhythmic sounds of the ocean and the sound of the rainforest that will work as lullaby and make you to sleep.

Restaurant and Bar:

Copa De Arbol has an open air restaurant that serves freshest fruits and vegetables, freshly baked breads, “catch of the day” seafood, meats and poultry.You can also make yourself refreshed by taking one of the smoothies that the restaurant offers and can also take their special coffees. There you will also find some delicious deserts. You will find a full stocked bar that offers special cocktails and unique culinary creations.


Scuba Diving / Snorkeling:

scubaIf you are interested in beach activities like scuba diving and snorkeling, they can stay at this lodge. You can enjoy world class scuba diving and snorkeling in the surrounding waters, Drake Bay and Cano Island. Recreational scuba divers will have a wide range of professional underwater services. Divers will be guided by PADI certified instructors who will help them to learn about the basic open water to dive master and also conduct special course. Beginner and advanced, all level divers will find Cano island excellent diving venue. This place has excellent visibility and averages  50 ft plus, consistently making it one of the best dive locations in Costa Rica. You will find the water temperatures average in the 80’s with thermoclines at varying depths. At the time of diving in the Cano Island, the divers will also enjoy watching wide variety of underwater marine life. While sailing through the water with a great manta ray, you might watch sea turtle or observe the huge schools of barracuda, jacks and rays that frequent the area. If you are lucky enough, you might also see an awe-inspiring whale shark.

Other Activities:

If you love adventure activities, you can go for zip lining. Close to the lodge you will find several hiking trails that will let you enjoy thrilling experience. While hiking, you will also enjoy exploring the natural beauty of the area. You can also explore the beautiful maze of canals and rivers that flood the largest untouched mangroves in all of the country. During the month of August through November, you can also get the opportunity to watch whales and watch dolphins all around the year.  You can also go for horseback riding that will allow you to explore the beauty of the surrounding area and to visit the wonderful waterfalls deep in the jungle. You can also go for a leisure trip along the beach to “Rio Claro,” a stunning fresh water lagoon that is renowned as one of the most beautiful places of the country.  If you want to see the nigh life, it will be better to go for a night walk. You can make yourself rejuvenated, relaxed and refreshed by taking a light or deep tissue massage.


Copa De Arbol Beach & Rainforest Resort
Drake Bay | Osa Peninsula | Costa Rica
U.S. PH.# 831-246-4265 | C.R. # 506-8935-1212