Animals of Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a wide variety of animals. It is home of over 500,000 wildlife species and over 35,000 species of insects. It is said to have 4% total species worldwide and is among top 20  countries with the highest biodiversity in the whole world. There are hundreds of species that are only found there and nowhere else in the world.


mammalWith nearly 250 species of mammals the most appreciated mammalian in the country are the forest dwelling mammals and half of this are nocturnal bats. There are several species of dolphins and whale in the waters. There are anteaters that are common in the lowland and middle-elevation habitants. Bats are numerous and are found throughout the region. It also has the six endangered cat’s family. There are also the deer, manatees, monkeys, peccaries, raccoons, rodent, sloths, tapirs, weasels and other types.


Eyelash_viperThere are 6000 reptiles’ species with mostly sharing inconspicuous color and behavior. Their heart are divided into different chambers to increase the blood pressure. Their skin is covered with scales so as to reduce the water loss from their body surfaces. It is said that their sex is largely determined by the temperature at which eggs develop in the ground. The types of the reptiles are tortoise, turtles, crocodile, lizard, and snake just to name a few.


AmphibiansThere are around 175 of which 85% are frogs. Most of these are found in or around moist places and few on the land. The type of the amphibians found here are the frogs, toads and fish to name a few.


birds-of-Costa-RicaThere are 894 bird species. They are one of the greatest attraction here. They are of different color from strawberry red to the iridescent jewels. They vary from range in size from the scintillate hummingbird to the huge jabiru. The macaws are the most common species here. The various types of the bird species includes hummingbird, eye popping parrots, resplendent quetzals, dazzling hummingbirds, and amazing toucans.


butterfliesThere are about 1251 species of butterflies and almost 8000 species of months. They are commonly seen throughout the year but the most time you get to see most of them are during the rainy season. Almost 10% of well-known butterfly are found in the Costa Rica. The butterfly bring life to the rainforest due to their beautiful variety of colors. The spiders here are poisonous in case they bite you although they are said generally to be shy unless you disturb them are inhabit their environment. There are also the centipedes and millipedes, cockroaches, caterpillars and scorpions among many more.

There are generally many ants in this region. They are everywhere and they are aggressive and may give a nasty bite.

Wild cats

wild-catThere exists 5 types of the wild cat namely the Ocelots, Pumas, Jaguarundi, Margays, and Little Spotted Cats. Most of them hide on tress in the rainforest. The jaguar is the largest wild cat and grow to up to 2 meters and the little small cat is the smallest.

Costa Rica is blessed to have almost all the types’ off animals.