Finca Tierra Organic Permaculture Farm & Eco-Lodge

Located in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, a town along the Caribbean shore, Finca Tierra is an organic Permaculture farm and eco lodge where vacationers can enjoy a unique and environmental friendly holiday. The lodge encourages guests to follow a sustainable standard of living, an organic diet and have a nature connecting experiences.

Finca Tierra Organic Permaculture Farm & Eco-Lodge 3The owners of the farm, Ana and Ian, are true advocates of ecological lifestyle and permaculture principles. They have a great program for vacationers that include lodging options, nature tours and practical workshops about sustainable agriculture, agroforestry, alternative construction and energy resources, ethno-botanical medicine and wildlife conservation. At Finca Tierra, electricity is generated through solar power and both rainwater and natural spring water are harvested. The food products in the farm’s kitchen come directly from the food forest and the organic farm, and all the construction work is done with natural, eco-friendly resources.

Farm Stay Housing Options

Finca Tierra Organic Permaculture Farm & Eco-Lodge 1Finca Tierra Organic Permaculture Farm and Eco-Lodge offers outfitted campsites and bamboo cabins for accommodations. For outdoorsy people and nature lovers, outfitted Campsites are ideal. The camps have a large tent with screened ventilation and are equipped with a comfortable queen size bed, lounge chairs and a solar lantern. There is a private bathroom and shower with bio-thermal hot water supply in each camp. Other option includes Bamboo Cabins which are standing on stilts. They are furnished with cozy beds, chairs and have a private bathroom as well. Wireless internet access and daily housekeeping service are available.

Educational Tours

The farm organizes one and a half hour long guided tours that provide vacationers an insight to sustainability and forest gardening. After enjoying a refreshing beverage at the bamboo kitchen, the tour will begin. You will walk through the food forests, organic gardens and witness simultaneous cultivation of various kinds of vegetables, fruits, edible leaves, herbs and medicinal plants. You will also be given a demonstration of harvesting and storing rain water, bio-thermal hot water production, carbon neutral cooking, sustainable building techniques, solar energy system and integrated ecosystems. When the tour has ended, healthy and delicious snacks will be served.

The farm is flourishing with tropical flora and fauna. During the tour, you can enjoy seeing a stunning variety of blooming flowers, exotic plants and enormous jungle trees. There are plenty of tropical creatures wandering about the forest such as howler, capuchin and spider monkeys, birds like toucans and macaws, anteaters, kinkajous, sloths, armadillos, snakes, frogs, ocelots, jaguarundis and margays and numerous more!


All the meals are prepared at the bamboo kitchen using fresh, organic materials that are directly harvested from the food forest. The dishes are cooked in a traditional, farmhouse manner and are Costa Rican mostly originating from the Afro Caribbean culture.

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Location: Playa Cocles, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Province of Limon, Costa Rica
Phone Number: +506 8390 8348

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