Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica

People who have been practicing Yoga on a regular basis for a few years and want to join a yoga teacher training course, Costa Rica offers a variety of places where one can join any kind of teacher training they wish. Many Resort centers in Costa Rica offers different types of teacher training course with different curriculum which are different from one another because some might place greater emphasis on different areas though they hold a common ground. 

People who don’t even want to teach yoga, they can also do a yoga teacher training course for intensifying their practice and enhance the knowledge of philosophy, anatomy, alignment, sequencing, ethics, lifestyle, practicum, methodology, teaching and electives.

There are many yogis who think taking yoga as a profession is better than many other jobs but sometimes it doesn’t work in their way. Actually it is not a business for earning a lot of money. People who have strong passion for the discipline and want to focus only on the healthy life system and to take others into this holy journey, they can take Yoga as a profession but before starting teaching others it is very important to do some teacher training course as learning yoga or practicing yoga and teaching yoga is not the same thing. There are many great Yoga teachers who are working incredibly hard and managing a few classes a week at the same time keeping their regular jobs.

Every yoga school can have different levels of designation on the level and types of training they offer. In Costa Rica there are various types of yoga teacher training courses offered by different training centers and lets introduce just few of these:

Anamaya Resort:

Anamaya-Yoga-ResortAnamaya Resort is situated in one of the most beautiful beach towns, surrounded by verdant rainforests, is perched on the edge of a cliff overlooking breathtaking ocean views. Close the the center there are some thundering waterfalls waterfalls and gracing shimmering pools of clear cool water. It is a great place for doing Yoga teacher training course. 200 hours of yoga teacher training course offered by Anamaya Resort guided by experienced instructors. It also offers many other yoga classes and retreats including many types of activities that focus on harmony of body, mind and soul. This resort also offers several Yoga Alliance teacher certification classes that usually run for a month guided by some of the best  yoga teachers in the world.


Costa Rica Yoga Spa:

Costa Rica Yoga Spa is nestled along the refreshing, untouched waters of the Costa Rican Gold coast in Guanacaste. This resort offers yoga teacher training certification which is taught by their world class instructors. One can easily reach this center from both the Rio Nosara and the Rio Montana. This is the perfect setting surrounded by breathtaking, stunning and spectacular view. While staying at this resort for yoga teacher training, practitioners will enjoy luxurious accommodation facility.



Located on the main road in Dominical, just at the base of rain-forested mountains where the Baru River meets the sea, Danyasa is a Yoga retreat center offers an eco friendly retreat place where the guests will get the opportunity to enjoy different type of Yoga workouts, Yoga teacher training session and many types of movement and healing classes. Instructors of this center are friendly enough and give attention to individuals and focus on the practitioners’ needs. 

More info: Danyasa


Marianne Wells Yoga School:

This is a Yoga Alliance Registered School offering one of the most comprehensive yoga teacher training certification programs anywhere in the world. A variety of traditional yoga styles course also offered by this school. By attending this course one can learn, internalize and synthesize their own teaching styles.


Namasté Yoga Studio:

A 200 hours, a 300 hours and an apprenticeship program is offered by Namaste Yoga Studio. People who have already successfully completed the 200 hour program only they can join the 300 hour training program. All the classes of these programs are presented in Spanish and recognized by the Yoga Alliance. These programs also include classes on philosophy and practice of yoga, an apprenticeship with a mentor and teaching practice and specialization of expertise.


Nosarananda focuses on hatha yoga teacher training, zen zwing yoga teacher training and restorative yoga teacher training. This unique boutique is nestled in the tropical rainforest jungles of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. It offers all the teacher training facilities and at a time it can host more than 10 students. It also offers gourmet organic cuisine, local excursions, massage therapy, and also detoxification retreats.


Nosara Yoga Institute

This institute is considered one of the best yoga training centers in the world. It is situated on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Amba and Brahmanand are the founder of this institution who are working hard. Nosara Yoga institute offers everal 100 hours of a variety of aspects of Teacher Training, 200 hours of Interdisciplinary Yoga Teacher Training as well as 500 to 1000 hours of Professional Teacher certification.


Pavones Yoga Center:

Located about 320 kilometers from San Jose along the Southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica, Pavones Yoga Center is in the middle of the jungle.This center offers five types of Professional Yoga Teacher Training Sessions guided by experienced instructor. It also offers many types of yoga classes: the Mixed Level Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga Tranquilo, Yoga Fusion, and many more. Practitioners will also enjoy luxurious accommodation in this center.


Peace retreat:

Peace retreat center is surrounded by beautiful jungle. This offers different types of yoga classes, workshops, healing retreats, and also teacher training courses. It offers three different Teacher Training Certification programs: inspirational yoga, body and breath yoga and prenatal/conscious birthing yoga training.


Rancho Margot:

Rancho Margot is situated in a remote area but approximately 10000 visitors visits the place annually. This center offers 200 hours of yoga teacher training which is divided into two modules which must both be completed within a year in order to be certified by the Yoga Alliance and it takes a total of one month to complete course of two modules.


Samasati Nature Retreat:

Smasati Nature Retreat is just 4 miles away from Puerto Viejo and Cahuita National Park. This center is a perfect blend of an exotic rainforest location with onsite yoga and a remote beach town for local atmosphere. It offers many types of yoga classes including ‘partner yoga’, ‘Yoga Retreat for Women’, ‘Yoga week for Single Travelers’ and ‘Yoga Teacher Training’. Once or twice a year The Hari Om Yoga School of Italy here also offers 200 hours of Yoga Alliance Certification Yoga Teacher Training.


The Goddess Gardens:

This Spiritual Retreat Center is surrounded by the jungle rain forest with a view that spans to almost 360 degrees, located in Cahuita in Limon Province which is on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. It offers 200 hours worth of yoga instruction per class.


Tierra de YOGA:

This is a health center that is located in one of the most beautiful locations in the world. 200 hour Teacher Training Certification classes are offered by this center guided by experienced instructors who try to make the experience holistic, peaceful and comprehensive.


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