Yellow Fin Charters

It was founded in 2002 and since then it has become renowned among the locals as well as tourists. This company operates fishing tours from Playa Carrillo, Playa Flaingo, Los Sueños and Quepos in the south pacific coast of Costa Rica. Depending on the guest’s choice, it also arrange other water activity tours and land tours such as sailing trips, snorkeling tours, canopy tour, horseback riding tour, ATV tour and many more.

You can choose from full day charters, half day and multi-day trips offered by Yellow Fin charters company. Each of the trips include both inshore and off shore trips. Depending on the length of the area and trip the rate varies and it ranges from $400.00 to $1400.00.

The Boats:

Great-Marlin-36-ft-MirageYellow Fin company uses highest level of equipment of Penn International and Shimano Reels. It maintains a fleet of twenty first class fully insured boats with the latest equipments for fishing and sonar. These boats are equipped with first class quality fishing gear, navigational system, GPS, VHS radios, cell phones and latest electronics, controls and sonar equipment. On the boat you will find a open bar fully stocked with different types of drinks such as beer, coke, water, cocktail and there you will also can take tropical fruit and snacks. Captians, first mates and other staff members of the Yellow Fin Charters are experienced and have enough knowledge of the regions, climate and the location for enjoying water activities and land activities possible in the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. They know about the Fly Fishing, Catch & Release. From the ports within hours you can also go to all types of Dorado, Billfish, the Pacific’s best offshore fishing and Yellow fin Tuna. If you go for sailing tour, you will get opportunity to enjoy watching a plentiful supply of Red Snapper, Wahoo, Mackeral, Jack Crevalle and Roosterfish. The company also conducts trips to national parks.

Sportfishing with Yellowfin Charters

You can choose from full day or half day sport fishing tour and with Yellow Fin Charters you can enjoy catching plenty of different species of fish in the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. It is recommended to release the fish you catch. During the month of September, October and November you can catch many popular fish, particularly the big blue and black Marlin, can be found 20 to 30 miles offshore very easily. If you go for fishing out of the fishing season’s months, you will have to go about 30 to 50 miles off shore to catch fish. If you wish to go for sailfish, it will be better to go during the month of December to April but you can also catch those in a good number all around the year. Due to its large size and great taste, Yellowfin Tuna is very popular. If you want to tackle some Mahi Mahi, you should visit in the rainy season from May to October.

Not only sportfishing, Yellow Fin Charters also offers a variety of adventure and fun activities such as canopy tours, sailing in the azure ocean, scuba diving to encounter the underwater world and also many other enjoyable activities in a reasonable rate.


Yellow Fin Charters

Location: Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Phone Number: (506) 2653-8022, (506) 8813-9675