The Yoga Farm

Located on Costa Rica’s southernmost Pacific coast, the Yoga Farm is a rustic yoga center and sustainable living project. People who want to reconnect with body, mind and nature, they will find this lodge perfect. Nestled amidst beautiful tropical rainforest, this lodge overlooks amazing view of ocean. Anyone can stay at this lodge from a few days to a few months and enjoy the Pura Vida. If you stay at this lodge, you will meet a functioning community of diverse people-living, working and playing. It remains open ideally seven months of the year. The location of this lodge is considered as one of the most biologically diverse region of the world.


This Yoga Farm has a mission to increase the sustainable awareness and minimize all of the negative impacts on the earth as well as to make positive changes wherever it is possible. Solar energy is used for the entire farm and for water needs there is an elaborate rain-water and spring-fed water system to store water. It has an organic farm from where it collects fresh fruits and if vegetables and if needed it also collects other necessary products locally as sustainable as possible. It has also small flock of free range chickens that gives a bountiful supply of eggs.  The farm has a horse named MoMo that helps to keep CO2 emissions low by carrying the provisions up to the farm.


This Yoga Farm has a main house that is a large two story building with all the necessary facilities. This house overlooks amazing view of the ocean. It also has a wood-floored Yoga deck where the yoga lovers can practice their workouts. In the first floor you will get all the necessary amenities, communal space and a hot-stone sauna. You will find kitchen or Rancho nestled apart from the main house where you can enjoy food prepared and served in a large family style.

This farm also provides two private cabins that are available upon request and those cabins are nestled high above the rest of the farm property. If you visit this farm with your partner and want to enjoy more privacy, you will find those cabins perfect. From the cabinas you will enjoy watching a variety of wildlife and the newest cabin is in particular looks out upon a beautiful forested valley.

Healthy living:

yoga-farmWhile staying at this farm, you will enjoy practicing healthy living. Whether it is for a few days or a few months, you will enjoy three healthy, primarily vegetarian meals each day, comfortable eco friendly accommodation. You will also get opportunity to do Yoga per day six days a week and plenty of room to breathe.


You can join Yoga or break-dancing workshops offered by the farm and these workshops are usually held in addition to daily activities at the farm. Anyone can enjoy the workshops but those are not mandatory for all the guests. Those workshops are open for all including the volunteers at the farm during those dates.


The Yoga Farm

Punta Banco, Costa Rica