Surfing in Costa Rica

Costa Rica which means “rich coast” is a beautiful, tropical country that is found in the continent of Central America. It boasts a bio-diverse array of flora and fauna and sports some of the most beautiful beaches and other ecotourism spots. It has lovely people and is arguably one of the best places in the world to enjoy a vacation. Due to the wide accessibility to water, Costa Rica is an ideal spot for surfing.

surfing-in-costa-ricaSurfing is dependent on the waves and while the waves in Costa Rica are not known for their tremendous size they are however, consistent in size year round.  The areas for surfing are limited only by location and seasons. Costa Rica has two main seasons: the dry, from December to April and the rainy, from May to November. From a surfing perspective this is only necessary to know because the type of season will mean a difference between the crowds, the cost and the size of the waves.

As an incomparable surfing destination Costa Rica boasts over 730 miles or 1200 kilometers of coastline with water that is an absolutely blissful 80 degrees Fahrenheit or 26 degrees Celsius. It is centrally located with access to two Oceans which are just a six hour drive apart: the Atlantic and the Pacific. The Caribbean Sea also offers some prime locations for surfing. The Northern Pacific Coast is known to be ideal from December to April, the Central and South Pacific Coasts are beautifully situated to enjoy between May and November while November to March provide the ultimate conditions for the Caribbean Coast.

Costa Rica is for surfers of every level of experience: from children to more mature folks. Whether the visitor has no idea of how to turn a surf board or someone who seeks out the gnarliest waves there is a location suited to their needs. Official surfing guides are all certified with surf school permits and are trained in the regulations stipulated by the ISA, which is the world’s leading International Surf Association.

Costa Rica offers surfing eco lodges otherwise called surf camps. These places have the advantage of knowing the prime spots for surfing and have amenities appealing to those who are primarily interested in participating in a surf holiday. Surf camps also have guides who can give directives about the rip currents and the various challenges that are likely to be encountered to keep the visitors as safe as possible in unknown waters. There are also planned excursions to more remote locations where it is possible to catch a wave that may not be found in a regular tourist guide book. Other accommodations are available that combine surfing and yoga and offer more diversity in activities for those who are traveling with family members or friends who might be slightly less interested in spending their vacation on a surf board.

Even the most die-hard of surfing enthusiasts requires some respite from the rigors of catching waves. Costa Ricans can be relied on to provide a robust nightlife that can rival the most diverse provided anywhere else in the world. All these combined make Costa Rica a surfer’s paradise.

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