Scuba Diving in Costa Rica

Scuba diving is a way of diving and swimming below water using an underwater breathing apparatus that is self-contained. This special apparatus is the one called the scuba hence the name scuba diving. In this form of diving, the divers carry their own compressed air. This is unlike the other forms of diving where their source of breathing gas is given from the ocean surface. This allows them great freedom underwater. They move using special fins attached to their feet which allow them propulsions.

Costa Rica gives this perfect getaway, first hand diving experience. It offers crystal blue waters from their various diving areas. It has both the Caribbean and Pacific oceans in the eastern and western side respectively. This makes it a fantastic duo adventure for many divers. The underwater experience is quite breathtaking. The marine life gives a view of the different types of fish. There are also many beautiful coral reefs available. This combinations makes the divers who have already experienced the beauty revisit the places.

Destinations for scuba diving in Costa Rica

The Bat Island

bat-island-costa-ricaLocated near the Santa Rosa national park, this area is a perfect spot for experienced divers. This area is an attraction to many marine life. These include the bull sharks which are the main attraction, manta rays, sail fish, marlin and many types of fish. There are also a variety of moray eel species. These are the zebra, snowflakes, white mouth, jeweled and a lot more. It has a great visibility with range dependent on the currents and the waves. The water temperature are eighty degrees throughout the year. Diving in this island is a guarantee of unforgettable experience.

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The Cocos island

Cocos-Island-in-Costa-RicaThis is one of the most pure eco-systems. This is because human activities that destroy the environment like pollution have not being in this place. This is a perfect environment for the island and marine creatures to enjoy a natural interaction without any obstructions. This make the flourish and grow in the process. The fact that this place is the meeting place for the shallow and deep ends, makes it a good place for pelagic marine creatures. The most common is the hammerhead sharks, jacks, rays and the white tip sharks. Some other creatures available include the pilot whales, sea lions, humpback whales, bottlenose dolphins. Reptiles also available include olive ridley, green and hawksbill reptiles. This area is has earned the name the cleansing zone due to the many huge marine creatures that come here for a cleansing activity by the small aquatic species.It has more than twenty dive zones. These include drift diving, blue water dives, shallow vertical valves, deep pinnacles and challenging vertical valves. Cocos Island earned the name marine national park which was given by the Costa Rican government in 1978.

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Cahuita Reef

Cahuita ReefThis is the underwater paradise located in the Cahuita National park in Cahauita town. The scuba diving is a great way to explore Cahuita’s coral reef surrounding the tip of this park. This area is known for its crystal clear aquamarine water, vivid and interesting coral formations, and multitudes of brightly colored tropical fish. This reef has two shipwrecks on the seafloor. There are the interesting coral like staghorn and brain corals. There are a variety of plant life, lobsters, clams and a variety of fish species. Cahuita offers many other fun activities including Dolphin watching, fishing and guided walks of Cahuita National Park. There are more than twenty dive sites between Cahuita and Manzanillo including two living coral reefs. When the waters are calm and the visibility is good this areas becomes perfect for Scuba Diving.


Cano Island, Catalina, Tortuga islands. These are also perfect diving places.

In conclusion, divers should come to Costa Rica and see the amazing underwater world in the best way ever.