Lazy Lizard Sailing

Lazy Lizard Sailing is a renowned sailing tour company based in the sparkling white sand beach of Playa Flamingo, in the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica. The tour company was established 12 years ago and since then it has earned itself well deserved national and international recognition.

Lazy Lizard Sailing 2Lazy Lizard Sailing offers daily excursions, one to three night overnight trips, private charters and tours, and hosts special occasions as well. The sunset sailing cruises are one of the most popular expeditions the company has to offer. During the sailing trip, travelers get to try out several activities such as snorkeling and sea kayaking. If you are not interested in any of these, you can simply gaze out at the ocean, watch whales and dolphins watching going on about their business and by the end of your trip, witness a glorious tropical sundown. Lazy Lizard Sailing offers reasonable rates, excellent customer services and fun filled tours. With Lazy Lizard Sailing, enjoy a perfect tropical retreat in the ocean.

Sunset Snorkel Tours

Lazy Lizard Sailing 3Sunset Snorkel Tour takes you on an exciting journey through the tropical waves of the Pacific Ocean. The trip is four hours in duration during which you will have a time of your life. Begin your adventure at Marina Flamingo on Lazy Lizard Sailing’s specially rigged catamaran. The tour is guided by professional and highly experienced crew members who ensure safety and comfort of their guests. They are extremely cordial and will be happy to help you out if you have any problem. During the trip, you can either go snorkeling or ocean kayaking. High quality equipment is present for both activities in the catamaran. The boat takes you along isolated points where you can jump into the ocean and pay a visit to the underwater creatures. You will be delighted to see the amazing sights of dolphins, whales, sea turtles, giant manta rays and numerous brightly painted tropical fish. For those who are not into snorkeling, ocean kayaking is a great alternative. Sunset Snorkel Tours include modern equipment, lunch and beverages. The trips are suitable for all ages.

The Lazy Lizard – Catamaran

The sailing company is proud to own an exceptionally rigged, Australian built catamaran called The Lazy Lizard. The Lazy Lizard has a solid and steady structure which is ideal for sailing through the seas. It offers an exciting and adventurous ride without causing sea sickness. There are bow trampolines in the catamaran where you can enjoy sunbathing, watch the sea animals and watch the waves roll by.

Contact Lazy Lizard Sailing

Location: Flamingo Marina, Playa Flamingo, Costa Rica
Phone Number: 011 506 2654 5900 and 011 506 2654 5300

Lazy Lizard Sailing – Sunset Sailing Tour

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