Dental Tourism in Costa Rica

Once Dental Tourism was only a part of Medical Tourism. But now it is considered as a different industry. Costa Rica is among the very few countries which provide you with highest quality and most affordable dental treatments. A visit to Costa Rica gives a solution to a lot of dental cases. This is because Costa Rica is host to one of the best known dental tourism sector. It has grown to become the one of the main attractions for the tourists visiting Costa Rica. In addition to getting high quality dental care, they also offer an additional package of adventure travel, ecotourism and just pure vacations.

Why Costa Rica for dental tourism?

  1. meza-dental-costa-ricaDental vacations in Costa Rica are in packages that have fixed prices. These helps the tourists in avoiding extra expenses when they are travelling. Costs for the whole trip and vacations are accounted for and a fixed price set. The dental reports and the x-rays are required ahead so that the total cost of the procedure required is calculated together with the other requirements for the stay and a fixed price determined.
  2. They offer high quality dental treatment. Costa Rican dental doctors are very qualified.They usually study in universities in the US and Europe to acquire the best training. They are also expertise in the field of dental treatment. The dental equipment they use are imported from US and their implants are from reputed companies. Patients are also given special treatments that make them feel like special guests.
  3. They give out the best customer care. Extreme strict rules are directed by the state of the art dental clinics in Costa Rica. This are for safeguarding the services given to the dental tourists. This are rules like sterilization of all the equipment’s used in the dental treatments and surgeries.
  4. Costa Rica offers the holiday of a lifetime. Costa Rica has a natural beauty and scenic views that have blown many away. Per year Costa Rica has received more than two million tourist due to its natural beauty. It has a wide range of rain forests, stunning beautiful beaches, national parks and awesome volcanoes. So why not make your dental tour more interesting!
  5. It has political and social stability. Costa Rica has a good governing system with no political crisis experienced in a long also has a good education systems.

Dental procedures offered in Costa Rica.

  1. Implants. These are conventional, immediate placement and immediate loading dental implants. Also mini implants, zirconia and sinus lift which refers to a bone graft procedure.
  2. Crowns and Bridges. These include porcelain-fused-to-mental (PFM), full porcelain/ceramic crowns and many more.
  3. Veneers. These gives a smile makeover.
  4. Teeth whitening
  5. Fillings
  6. Root canals.
  7. Dentures. These include partial, conventional and implant supported removable dentures.
  8. X-rays. Digital and regular
  9. Missing teeth.
  10. Sedation dentistry. For patients with dental phobia.

Due to the low prices offered, many have assumed that they will be giving up any quality care or some materials used in the dental procedures. But this is not the case, Costa Rican dental tourism gives you the for a combination of quality dental procedure and a fantastic holiday, visit the rapidly growing dental tourism in Costa Rica.