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San Jose Walking Tour

San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica and its largest country. For travel and tourism, San Jose offers a wide number of activities and sightseeing spots. The city has a nice weather throughout the year, has a tourist oriented environment and houses plethora of attractions and platforms for fun filled activities. There are many fascinating museums, beautiful parks, historical sites, hotels, souvenir shops, restaurants, bars and quaint cafes. Moreover, San Jose is an ideal base for travelers who wish to explore the Central Valley. It takes only about one hour and half to see the entire city of San Jose. Depending upon their budget and comfort, travelers can either tour San Jose on foot or by taking a bus.

San Jose Walking Tour 2If you need help with directions, want recommendations and wish to explore the city by yourself, San Jose Walking Tour is your perfect solution. It is an online self guided tour company based in San Jose, Costa Rica. The website allows you to buy and download maps which are loaded with all the best landmarks and places. The maps are practical, handy and user oriented. They are inexpensive and can be easily carried around in your pockets. The website also shows a detailed description of a landmark with directions. Go place to place without any hassle and enjoy the whimsical town in peace. San Jose Walking Tours gives a complete tour of the city with a deep insight to its culture and local life.
San Jose Walking Tour

San Jose Walking Tour 3San Jose Walking Tour begins with a self guided of Espana Park. The quiet park has eye catching gardens with lovely blooms, dense bamboo trees and tropic flora. The park is mostly secluded with a tranquil ambience. To enjoy some silence and beauty, take a leisurely stroll and feel rejuvenated. Right from the park, you can see the tall building of National Insurance Institute which houses Jade Museum. The museum is known for its display of approximately 6000 pieces of Pre-Columbian art and jewelry. After touring Park Espana, Parque Morazan can be your next stop. The park is divided into two parts. The first part boasts the classical bandstand, The Templo de Músic, and the second part is a picturesque park with fountains and benches. You can see Edificio Metálica, a prefabricated metallic building, across the street from Parque Morazan. The famous building was constructed complete out of metal with its pieces being shipped from Belgium in 1892. Afterwards, you can tour several museums such as Calderon Guardia Museum, Museum of Natural Sciences, National Children’s Museum, Gold Museum, Entomological Museum and Postal Services Museum, enjoy a drink in bar followed by a nice meal in restauran, check out the many neighborhoods of San Jose and pay a visit to Simon Bolivar Zoo and Spirogyra Butterfly Garden. For complete information about places and directions, visit San Jose Walking Tour’s website.

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San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, is situated on a plateau in the beautiful Central Valley. The highlands are surrounded by a stunning range of mountains, volcanoes and scenic valleys. The city of San Jose is home to a good number of attractive places, sightseeing spots and platforms for fun activities. Continue reading SJO Maps